A Forgotten Coast Wedding: Your Dream Coastal Celebration

When it comes to saying "I do", there's no place quite like Florida's Forgotten Coast, a hidden gem that encompasses all of Franklin Co. Florida, including Apalachicola and Saint George Island. Home to the pristine beaches, rustic riverfront venues like the Ice House, and the historic Gibson Inn, this coastal paradise offers the perfect backdrop for your nuptial celebration. 

The best time to tie the knot on the Forgotten Coast? Fall and Spring, specifically in October, November, March, or April, when the weather is perfect and the sunsets are nothing short of spectacular.

Let's dive into why this place is ideal for tying the knot and how Marilyn Brogan Jewelry fits into the local wedding landscape.

Your Dream Venue for Forgotten Coast Events

Whether you're envisioning an intimate ceremony on the sandy shores, a rustic celebration with a touch of historical charm, or a grand affair in an elegant setting, the Forgotten Coast has a venue to match your vision. Each location perfectly encapsulates the outdoor, open-air, and coastal vibes that are characteristic of Apalachicola weddings.

For a truly magical start to your day, catch the sunrise under the bridge at Battery Park or on the pier at Lafayette Park.

Elopement is definitely a trend here. Couples who choose to elope on the Forgotten Coast tend to be charmed by the natural beauty of their surroundings, opting to incorporate the environment into their ceremony. This can look like an informal ceremony right on the beach at Saint George Island or on a pier on the bay. Marilyn even knows a couple who eloped on a boat up the river.

For those envisioning a larger and more elaborate ceremony, local churches and Lafayette Park serve as popular venue choices. However, when it comes to the reception, the Ice House, a historic and rustic brick building, is a local favorite. Situated right on the river, it offers a beautiful backdrop for celebrating your special day.

The Gibson Inn is a stunning venue that features a beautiful courtyard. It's versatile enough to host everything from small, intimate gatherings to large celebrations that can include a full takeover of the hotel and grounds for an entire weekend, perfect for bigger weddings.


Recommended Vendors for Forgotten Coast Events and Weddings

Capture Every Moment: Make sure to capture your special day with the artistic eye of Alicia Osborne, a talented photographer who knows how to encapsulate the beauty of Florida's Forgotten Coast.

Dress to Impress: What's a wedding without the perfect dress? White Weddings bridal boutique has a stunning array of gowns to choose from, ensuring you'll find the dress that makes you feel like a true princess on your big day.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Don't forget to indulge yourself and your guests in wedding cake and other sweet treats from Diana Kathleen Baking (@dkbaking). Her delicious creations will add a touch of sweetness to your celebration.

The Perfect Rings (and Other Jewelry) for Your Perfect Day

At Marilyn Brogan Jewelry, we understand the importance of the right wedding jewelry. Sapphires and other blue stones are popular choices, often incorporated into wedding bands and engagement rings to reflect the coastal setting. Our Wave Bands and Wave Earring are top picks, with the earrings making for a stunning wedding day gift for the bride. And for a nod to Apalachicola's oyster town heritage, pearls are always a classic and beautiful option.

Wave Band 6mm: One of Marilyn's clients asked her to make a wide band based on the wave charm, and she did! This is a slightly altered version, available in 14K or 18K yellow gold. We also have a wider 10mm version!

Wave Earrings in 18K Gold: Marilyn's Wave earrings are a quintessential summer accessory, encapsulating the essence of the Forgotten Coast with their pattern reminiscent of waves, clouds, nets, and even fish or mermaid scales. They are lightweight and designed to move gracefully, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear.

To learn more about our wedding jewelry and to discover how to choose the best ring for you, visit this page.

Local Traditions and Customs in Florida's Forgotten Coast

Embrace the local customs of our famous oyster town by serving seafood, especially oysters, at your reception. And for a truly personal touch, consider gifting your bridesmaids with unique sea-themed charms, such as oysters, shrimp, or sea turtles, from Marilyn Brogan Jewelry.

Honeymooning on Florida's Forgotten Coast

Why leave when you can honeymoon right after your Apalachicola wedding? With expansive beaches, charming historic towns, delicious seafood, and friendly locals, the Forgotten Coast is the perfect place to start your journey as a married couple.

Marilyn and her husband even spent their own honeymoon here, so they can attest to its charm. She says, "We dined on scallops we caught ourselves! You get the beauty of the beaches without the tourist resort feel. But you also have this cute historic town on the river with great food and shopping. A nature cruise up the river transports you to a totally different place. And you won’t meet a stranger - you’re surrounded by friendly people who are excited to celebrate the new friends who just got married."

If you're dreaming of a coastal wedding with an authentic, relaxed vibe, Florida's Forgotten Coast is the place for you. This is one of the most authentic pieces of real "Old Florida" that still exists, and we’re lucky to call it home.With Marilyn Brogan Jewelry, you'll find the perfect rings and bridal gifts to complete your celebration. So come and experience the magic of a Forgotten Coast wedding - we promise you won't want to leave!