Bring Your Jewelry Vision to Life: Custom Jewelry Design in Apalachicola, Florida

Marilyn Brogan Custom Jewelry

"Creating custom jewelry designs is not only one of my most favorite things to do, it’s also a tremendous privilege that allows me to collaborate with you on one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate and commemorate your personal story."
- Marilyn Brogan

Crafting custom designs is not just a passion at Marilyn Brogan Jewelry, but a distinct honor. It's an opportunity to work closely with clients, transforming their personal stories and memories into one-of-a-kind treasures. The journey towards creating custom gold jewelry, including stunning custom rings for women, is a meticulous and fulfilling process.

Here's a glimpse into how the magic unfolds: The process ignites with a 1-hour consultation, which can be conducted over the phone, through a virtual meeting, or in person. In this initial session, Marilyn delves deep into design details, guiding clients in their choice of metal type, finish, ring size, and gemstones. By the end of this consultation, customers will receive an approximate pricing estimate (within parameters of the budget) and a clearer vision of their dream piece.

Ready to learn more about bringing your jewelry vision to life? Continue reading this blog post for more information about why our clients opt for custom jewelry design as well as more about the process.

There's Nothing More Personal Than Custom Jewelry Design

There's something truly special about custom jewelry design. It's more than just a piece you wear; it's a story you tell. Instead of picking a generic piece that many might have, choosing to customize means embedding personal memories and sentiments into something tangible. We see each custom piece as a unique story, crafted specifically for the individual wearing it. It’s not just about looks; it’s about meaning, memories, and making something that's uniquely yours.

Custom jewelry design stands as a powerful symbol for many significant chapters in a person's life. It could be a bespoke ring marking a milestone anniversary, a pendant celebrating the birth of a child, or even a bracelet that's a tribute to personal growth and achievement. Each piece becomes a tangible representation of life's most cherished moments. 

This is what makes custom jewelry profoundly personal: it isn't just about the material or the craftsmanship, but about the stories, emotions, and memories it encapsulates. We understand that by crafting a piece of custom jewelry, we're not just shaping metal and stones, but capturing moments that make life truly extraordinary.

Custom Jewelry

3 Categories of Custom Jewelry Design

The art of custom jewelry design unfolds in three distinct categories:

Custom - Each piece begins as a blank canvas, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. These are one-of-a-kind designs, sculpted precisely to a client's vision, yet always carrying the signature touch of the Marilyn Brogan aesthetic. Every curve, every stone placement, every hue is carefully considered, with both timeline and pricing aligned with our standard custom guidelines.

Heirloom - The past meets the present in this beautiful blend of legacy and innovation. Whether it's a custom design or a modified MBJ original, the incorporation of heirloom materials like cherished stones or metals from family treasures, breathes new life into vintage memories. The tales these materials tell are vast and varied, making each piece uniquely meaningful. Naturally, the timeline and pricing for these projects vary, adapting to the story they're set to tell.

Modified MBJ Design - Sometimes, an existing Marilyn Brogan design speaks to a client, but they envision just a touch of personal flair or perhaps the integration of an heirloom gem. This chapter is dedicated to those who find resonance in our original pieces but yearn for a personal twist. Again, timeline and pricing adjust based on the project.

Deep Dive Into Our Custom Jewelry Design Process

At the beginning of this blog post, we provided an overview of our custom jewelry design process. But here's more information about each step.

  1. Initiating the Process: First, schedule a complimentary consultation with Marilyn Brogan. Before your appointment, make sure to fill out our custom design inquiry form. And to ensure a smooth consultation, bring or email any inspiration notes, images, or stones at least a day before.
  1. Defining Your Vision: For an accurate quote, we'll need to nail down a few details.
    • The specific design you have in mind.
    • Your preferred metal choice.
    • The stones you want incorporated.
    • Ring size, if you're looking to design a ring.
  1. Receiving Your Quote: Based on your specifications, Marilyn Brogan will provide a quote either during the consultation or in a follow-up email. This quote covers:
    • Your initial consultation.
    • All design work and stone sourcing.
    • Material and stone costs.
    • CAD design and two revisions (if required).
    • Wax model creation (if applicable).
    • An additional 30-minute consultation for any design revisions.
  1. Setting Things in Motion: To kick off the design process, we require a deposit and a signed agreement. The specifics will depend on whether your project is Custom, Heirloom, or a Modified Marilyn Brogan Design.
  1. Crafting the Digital Blueprint: If needed, we'll create custom CAD renderings of your project. However, not all pieces require this step. Do note:
    • CAD renderings might appear chunkier; they need to account for metal shrinkage and polishing.
    • Colors in CAD aren’t an exact match.
    • Any changes to this design could extend the production timeline.
  1. Bringing Your Design to Life: Once the design gets your thumbs up, we dive into the production phase to craft your unique piece. How long it takes to make custom jewelry depends on the design's details and if we have the materials on hand. After we agree on the initial design, Marilyn Brogan will give you an idea of how long it'll take. Most of the time, it's about 6 weeks, but this can change.
  1. The Final Touches: After completing your jewelry, we'll send over images for you to admire the finished product. Once any remaining balance is sorted, you can either have it shipped or pick it up in person.
Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Design Gallery

Our custom jewelry design gallery is proof that the possibilities for inspiration are endless. Each piece tells a story of personal vision transformed into art, showcasing a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. Exploring the gallery is like embarking on a journey through various styles, metals, and gemstones, giving jewelry lovers like you a chance to ignite their imagination. For anyone looking to realize their own jewelry dream, there's no better place to start gathering ideas than amidst the masterpieces in our digital gallery.

Ready to start the process of creating your own custom design? Visit this page to schedule your design consultation. We can't wait to make your dreams come true!