Charms for a Good Cause

This secret wasn't easy to keep – but so worth the wait! I’m pleased to share two new charms. In the spirit of Marilyn Brogan Jewelry, both charms celebrate Apalachicola but also bring light to two endangered local species: the Florida Manatee and the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle.
The charms will launch on Earth Day, April 22, at In honor of Earth Day, I will be donating 15% of sales of the manatee charms to Save the Manatee and 15% of sales of the sea turtle charm will benefit the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab. After Earth Day, 10% of the sales of each charm will be donated respectively.
Click HERE to shop the collection!
Thank you in advance for your contribution to helping these beautiful local creatures – and be sure to stay tuned for more Apalachicola charms coming soon.
Spotting a couple of manatees in Mill Pond at sunset is one of my favorite memories of all time. These gentle giants are such an important part of our local ecosystem, yet becoming increasingly endangered. 
Likewise, the Kemp’s Ridley, the smallest sea turtle in the world, is critically endangered. I had the incredible opportunity to meet one while on St. George Island several summers ago. A fisherman had unintentionally hooked her, but he did the right thing and turned her over to the state park, where the turtle was rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild.
 The experience of seeing these animals up close has provided me with such a newfound sense of appreciation and empathy for them.