Introducing The Parenthetical Collection: Streamlined and Modern Diamond Engagement Rings

In the story of life, parentheses are like a couple in love. They create a quiet space amidst the noise, highlighting their unique bond while still being part of the larger story. Together, they stand as a testament to love's ability to carve out intimate moments in the vast narrative of existence. There's something so special about that safe, sacred space, and it should be both honored and celebrated.

Drawing inspiration from the couples who come to me in search of their perfect engagement rings and wedding pieces, I've created a new collection that captures the essence of the unique bond and commitment shared between two people. Named the Parenthetical Collection, after the symbol of parentheses, this inaugural series of engagement rings is more than just an expansion of my fine jewelry line. It represents a tribute to the distinctiveness of each couple's relationship and celebrates those breathtaking moments of love. Continue reading to discover more about this collection.

Born from a blend of inspiration, innovation, and a deep-seated appreciation for the beauty of gemstones, the Parenthetical Collection marks a significant milestone in my creative journey. The spark that ignited the creation of this collection was a moment of artistic revelation for me. While working on a custom design featuring a larger, baguette-shaped parti color sapphire set in an east-west orientation, I started experimenting with partial bezel settings. This seemingly simple adjustment completely transformed the look of the piece and struck a chord. I fell head over heels for the look, which beautifully marries the boldness of modernist design with timeless elegance. 

Many are familiar with my passion for antique jewelry, yet few are aware of my appreciation for modernist design. This collection showcases a more streamlined and minimalist aesthetic, featuring smooth bands without milgrain or arrow patterns. Even the bezel settings are deliberately pared back, creating a refined look that highlights the simplicity of modern design.

The Parenthetical Collection features a carefully curated selection of some of my favorite shapes — emerald step cut, Asscher, pear, and classic round brilliant — each chosen for their ability to shine within these unique settings. Each piece, crafted with lab-grown diamonds (between 1-1.75ct) and set in 14K or 18K gold, represents a commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury. I'm able to source reclaimed or Canadian-mined natural diamonds instead of lab-grown for couples who prefer alternative options.

The designs, from the tipped Asscher diamond set kite-wise to the east-west set emerald step cut, exhibit my meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence. The craftsmanship involved in achieving these designs speaks volumes of my dedication to creating pieces that are not only visually stunning but also comfortable and meaningful to wear.

But the collection is also about so much more than just the diamond shapes and the designs. It's a narrative of love, symbolized through the very name "Parenthetical." I saw a beautiful parallel between the visual form of parentheses in writing and the essence of relationships. Like a pair of parentheses that enclose precious thoughts, setting them apart yet integrating them into the larger text, each ring in this collection encapsulates a unique bond between two individuals. They stand together, distinct yet part of a greater whole. The collection embodies the idea that in love, as in writing, there are moments and details that deserve to be highlighted, set apart, and cherished.

While a departure from my previous work, this collection is a testament to my versatility and forward-thinking approach to jewelry design. I envision this collection appealing to a broad spectrum of individuals, especially those looking to commemorate significant milestones in their relationships or those seeking to express their unique bond through a piece of fine jewelry. But anyone who loves a more bold, streamlined and modernist look will gravitate toward these memorable rings.

Looking ahead, the future of the Parenthetical Collection is bright with potential. I plan to expand the collection, introducing new shapes and designs that continue to push the boundaries of traditional jewelry design. This evolving collection is a promise of more innovative, breathtaking pieces that capture the essence of love and individuality.

For those in search of an engagement ring that tells a story, the Parenthetical Collection offers a unique opportunity to find a piece that truly resonates. It's for the modern romantic, the lover of bold designs and meaningful symbolism. If you're seeking the perfect piece that not only captures the beauty of your love but also stands as a testament to the moments that define it, then this collection is for you. View the collection here.