Lab Grown, Recycled, and Antique Diamonds — Choosing the Best Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds in general represent love, commitment, and beauty, but not all diamonds are the same. Depending on their source and their quality represented by the “4Cs”, diamonds can have a different environmental footprint and can come with varying price tags. So which diamond is the best choice for you?

In this blog post, we discuss three great options for engagement rings: lab grown, recycled, and antique diamonds. The best part is that we offer all three options for our custom diamond engagement ring clients.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds created in a controlled laboratory setting. Their creation requires the use of advanced technology that mimics the natural process of diamond formation. This means both natural and lab grown diamonds are the same in regard to their hardness, durability, and brilliance. Lab grown diamonds (also called cultured diamonds) are identical to natural diamonds in every way. They look, feel, and behave the same.

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

Lab grown diamonds are a popular choice for many reasons, but these are the two most impactful ones:

  • First, they are more affordable than natural diamonds of similar quality, mainly because they don't involve the high costs of mining or transportation.

  • Second, they can be more ethical and sustainable alternatives to mined diamonds. Cultured diamonds don't contribute to the issues often associated with mining. There's no soil degradation, water pollution, human rights violations, or conflict funding associated with them.
Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire

Stunning lab grown diamond solitaire, featuring a classy emerald cut.
The diamond is nestled in a beautiful Art Deco design that has geometric openings on the sides and delicate details that go from the setting to the band. Perfect to show off your engagement with pride and joy!

What Are Recycled Diamonds?

Recycled diamonds are pre-loved natural diamonds that have re-entered the supply chain. Many recycled diamonds are vintage; you'll recognize them for their cut. They can be old European cuts, old mine cuts, antique cushions, or repolished modern cuts.

Recycled diamonds are also known as reclaimed, repurposed, or pre-owned diamonds.

Why Choose Recycled Diamond Engagement Rings?

  • Recycled diamonds are a responsible option, as they don't require any new mining. Choosing them helps reduce the demand for new diamond production.

  • Recycled diamonds also offer a unique charm and history, even more so if they have a vintage or antique style.

  • Some recycled diamonds can be less expensive than new diamonds of similar quality.
Art Deco Oval Diamond Solitaire

Art deco oval diamond solitaire  — custom-made with no mining involved!
This is a great choice for the environment because it doesn’t use any mined stones. It has an oval-shaped diamond that shines brightly in a lovely basket setting. You can choose from yellow, white, or rose gold to suit any style. 

What Are Antique Diamonds?

A subcategory of recycled diamonds, antique diamonds are diamonds that were mined and cut at least 100 years ago, usually during the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco eras. Moreover, antique diamonds have distinctive features that set them apart from modern diamonds. They have a smaller table, a higher crown, a larger culet, and a warmer color. Antique diamonds are also known as old cut or estate diamonds.

Why Choose Antique Diamond Engagement Rings?

  • Antique diamonds have been a rare and valuable choice for a long time. But now, they're increasingly harder to find and in high demand among collectors and connoisseurs. This makes them more exclusive than other diamond types.

  • Antique diamonds have a romantic and soulful appeal, reflecting the craftsmanship and style of their time.

  • Antique diamonds also have a superior light performance, as they tend to face up whiter than modern diamonds of similar color. This draws the eye into the stone, especially under candlelight.
Rose Cut Frosty Diamond Ring

Rose cut frosty diamond ring; this is an exclusive 16th century style.
If you want something different from the usual white diamond solitaire, you might like this one. The stone has a rose cut, which is an old-fashioned style from the 1500s. It’s flat on the bottom, not pointy like most diamonds. That means it sits low on your finger, which is great for day-to-day use.

Choosing a diamond for your engagement ring is an exciting and personal decision. You want a diamond that reflects your unique style and values. That’s why, at Marilyn Brogan Jewelry, we offer all these types of diamonds, from lab grown to recycled to antique. No matter what your budget or taste, we have the perfect diamond for you and can make your dream engagement ring come true.

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