Transform Unworn Heirloom Jewelry into Something You'll Love

Spring: it's a time to shed winter layers and embrace new beginnings. Cleaning and organizing at this time of year have become popular activities for a reason. It's a great opportunity to assess what you already have and see how you can make space for things and experiences that will serve you better in the future.

During the spring season, Marilyn enjoys motivating her clients to do a jewelry box refresh using the KonMari Method™ created by Marie Kondo. Keeping unused jewelry items contributes to clutter, so Marilyn recommends transforming them into something the client will actually feel inspired to wear.

Old jewelry may hold sentimental value or be an heirloom, but the emotional significance can still be maintained in a custom jewelry design that reimagines how the original materials are used. Keep reading to learn more.

What's the KonMari Method™?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant who became famous for her unique approach to tidying up and decluttering. In 2011, she first gained recognition with the publication of her book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and then gained popularity with her 2019 Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo". Her signature KonMari method emphasizes the importance of keeping only items that "spark joy", rather than focusing on what to throw away. This method can definitely be applied during a jewelry box refresh.

How to Start Your Jewelry Box Refresh?

Choose a time when you're already feeling relaxed and not rushed. Open your jewelry box or whatever vessel you use to store your jewelry and lay everything out on a table or other flat surface. Be careful to have a clear workspace, so nothing goes missing during this process.

Separate your items into three categories:

1) I already love this, and it's in great shape
2) This needs cleaning or repair
3) I don't love this anymore

For jewelry that you already love and wear regularly, you don't have to take any further action. But you should incorporate these pieces into your daily wardrobe any chance you get!

For jewelry that needs cleaning or repair, you can separate those pieces into subcategories. Some jewelry may be cleaned at home, as long as you follow proper care and cleaning instructions. For jewelry that needs repair, it's time to visit your local jewelry store or repair shop! At our shop, we can clean any tarnished Marilyn Brogan products for $5 per piece of jewelry.

For the items you don't love anymore, you have an amazing opportunity to upcycle old jewelry and rebuild your jewelry wardrobe using materials that may already hold sentimental value for you! Continue to the next section to discover how it's possible.

What To Do With Old Jewelry You No Longer Love?

When a piece of jewelry is made of precious materials like gold and diamonds, then you definitely don't want to throw it away, even if it no longer sparks joy. These materials have intrinsic value, so tossing them would be like flushing money down the drain.

One of the best ways to upcycle old jewelry is to find a jeweler like Marilyn who specializes in custom jewelry design - and more specifically the redesign of old heirlooms that may hold sentimental value for the owner.

For example, Marilyn can remove the diamonds from a dated looking necklace that was once trendy in the 1980s and then reset those diamonds in a more modern ring design made with a recycled gold setting. The best part is that the finished result will be exactly what you've imagined. See the final product of a reinvention project below.

Book a Consultation

Now that you've put aside all the jewelry you no longer wear, it's time to schedule a design consultation with Marilyn! She finds creating custom designs to be one of her favorite things to do and considers it a great privilege to collaborate with clients on unique pieces that celebrate their personal stories.

The process is easy! It starts with a one-hour consultation by phone, virtual appointment, or in-person appointment. During the initial consultation, Marilyn works with clients to determine the design details and offers guidance in selecting the metal type, metal finish, ring size, stones, and pricing estimate.

If you're worried about trusting your heirloom or sentimental jewelry pieces to a stranger, you can feel assured that heirloom redesigns is something Marilyn takes very seriously.

The client reviews speak for themselves! E. writes, "I really enjoyed working with Marilyn to reset my diamond wedding band in honor of an important upcoming anniversary. She used my stones in a gorgeous new Art Deco setting that fits my hand better and gives a nod to my love of historic design. The process was smooth, and Marilyn was very attentive to my wishes and suggestions at every stage. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome."

Visit this page for more information about the custom design process and to find the link to book your appointment with Marilyn.