MBJ Permanent Jewelry

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

The latest trend and hottest look in jewelry, permanent bracelets are not just an accessory - they're an experience. They're called "permanent" because your chain of choice will be securely welded around your wrist. Instead of fussing with a clasp, you can effortlessly enjoy your bracelet every day. 

The best part is that you can add charms to customize your look, or you can match your friend or loved one by getting a matching bracelet with them by your side. Permanent jewelry can also be a repeat experience. Once you cultivate your vision for a wrist stack, you can return again and again for additional bracelets with any combination of charms. 

MBJ Permanent Jewelry is the first and only permanent jewelry experience on Florida's "Forgotten Coast", and we're excited to serve not only local residents but also travelers visiting Apalachicola and surrounding areas for a memorable getaway.

The Process

Choose Your Chain: Select from a variety of sterling silver, gold-filled, and solid gold chains with different types of links. 

Add a Charm: You can add one of our signature charms during your appointment or return at a later date to add one or more. 

Enjoy: Be prepared to welcome compliments and field questions like, "Where did you get your bracelet?"

Book Your Appointment

Ready to book your permanent jewelry experience? Simply click the button below to choose your preferred date and time. Appointments take about 15 minutes and are designated for 1 person. If a friend will also be joining you to get their own permanent jewelry, please book another appointment right before or after yours on the calendar. Groups of six or more should consider a private party experience (more info below).


We require a $25 deposit to secure your 15-minute appointment time. Your deposit will be refunded after the completion of your appointment. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE for CANCELLATIONS within 24hrs of your appointment.


Do I need an appointment? YES,  appointments are required. Schedule your appointment today to ensure you're permanently linked at your convenience! 

Will it hurt?
Nope! You won't feel anything. Making sure the bracelet fits your wrist is the most time-intensive part of the process. The welding and final polishing are a breeze. 

What's the price range of the jewelry? Sterling silver options start at $50, gold fill options begin at $60, and solid gold begins at $98. Charms begin at $45. 

What does Gold-filled mean? Our Gold-filled options are chains composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base of brass. 

Is it really "forever"? If for any reason you need to remove the chain (like an emergency or medical procedure), then nail clippers, scissors or wire cutters will safely get it off your wrist. You can save the chain and have it re-welded or reattached with a traditional clasp. 

Can you weld a bracelet I already have? No, you'll choose your style when you come into the store.

Do you offer anklets or just bracelets? At this time we offer bracelets only.