All About Canadian-Mined Diamonds

While diamonds may share a common chemical composition, not all are created equal. These precious gems are mined in diverse corners of the globe, and astonishingly, some are even created within the confines of a laboratory. Each diamond possesses a singular identity, adorned with its own captivating characteristics.

If you're a discerning shopper who's seeking an authentic natural diamond, but you're worried about the diamond's origin, then traceability and knowledge about diamond mines matter to you. In this blog post, we share one of our favorite sources for diamonds: Canada. Let's delve deeper into the fascinating world of Canadian diamonds.

What Are Canadian-Mined Diamonds?

Canadian-mined diamonds are diamonds that come from the northern regions of Canada, a region that supplies 13.5% of the world’s diamonds. This is an impressive amount, especially considering that Canadian-mined diamonds are relatively new to the market. The first diamond mine in Canada opened in the 90s.


Hexagon Diamond Three-Stone Ring by Marilyn Brogan Jewelry

If you're looking for a unique and stunning diamond, you may want to consider this Canadian-mined salt and pepper diamond. The hexagon shape is complemented by two baguette diamonds on each side.

What Makes Canadian-Mined Diamonds Different?

Consumers who value ethical mining often prefer Canadian diamonds over diamonds mined in other countries for several reasons. Here are some of the most significant ones:

Canadian Diamonds: Ethical Advantages

Canadian-mined diamonds are almost always sure to be ethically mined. The reason behind this is that Canada has strong rules and standards for diamond mining, such as:

  • The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. This code establishes a minimum standard based on records and a chain of warranties required to validate a Canadian diamond claim. 
  • The Canada Mining Regulations. A complex and evolving framework of federal, provincial, territorial, and indigenous regulations that govern the mining industry in Canada.
  • The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This is a system that aims to prevent the trade of "conflict diamonds", which are rough diamonds used to finance wars and human rights violations.

Canadian Diamonds: Environmental Advantages

Canada is committed to protecting and preserving its natural resources, including diamonds. The diamond mines in Canada have a minimal ecological footprint and use advanced technologies and practices to reduce their environmental impact.

For example, the Diavik mine built the first large-scale wind farm in the Northwest Territories, which can supply half of the mine’s energy needs. Also, Canada has established land reclamation and rehabilitation plans with the goal of restoring land to its original state after the mines are no longer operative.

Canadian Diamonds: Quality Advantages

Canadian-mined diamonds are among the finest diamonds in the world. They have high grades of color and clarity, low levels of fluorescence, and excellent cut and polish.

Canadian-mined diamonds are also known for their unique shapes and sizes. Some of the most sought-after cuts are the rare Canadian Arctic Hearts and Arrows diamonds, with perfect symmetry and proportions.

Additionally, Canadian-mined diamonds are also traceable and certified. This means that most Canadian diamonds are linked to their origin and have a laser inscription and a certificate of authenticity.

Handmade Diamond Cinch Band by Marilyn Brogan
This diamond ring is beautiful by itself and also works well with other rings. The band narrows in the middle so that another ring’s center stone can fit snugly next to it without covering any of its shine!

Tips on How to Choose the Best Canadian-Mined Diamond Jewelry

  • Know your budget. Canadian-mined diamonds tend to be more expensive than similarly-graded diamonds from other countries, because of their high quality, the country's ethical standards, and the mines' limited supply. However, you can still find affordable options, depending on the size, shape, and grade of the diamond. You can also save money by choosing a simple setting, such as a solitaire or a bezel.
  • Know your style. Canadian-mined diamonds come in various shapes and sizes. From the classic round and princess cuts to the unique hexagon and hearts-and-arrows cuts, you can choose the shape that suits your personality and preferences, or one that matches the style of your existing jewelry. You can also pick the setting that complements the shape of the diamond, such as a halo for a round cut, a three-stone for a princess cut, or a vintage for a hexagon cut.
  • Know your source. Canadian-mined diamonds are traceable and certified. This means that you can verify the origin and authenticity of the diamond. You should always buy from a reputable and trustworthy seller, who can provide you with the necessary documents for your diamond.

Canadian-mined diamonds are a great choice for diamond lovers who want natural, beautiful, and high-quality diamonds. Canadian-mined diamonds are one of the most ethical sources of diamonds in the world. They are high quality and easy to trace, and they help the people and land of Canada. Since the Canadian government uses innovative strategies to keep and save the land and the wildlife, Canadian mined diamonds also have a negligible impact on the land and animals.

If you'd like to learn more about other types of sustainable diamonds, you can check out this blog post, where we compare lab-grown, repurposed, and antique diamonds in more detail.