3mm Narrow Arrow Band in Yellow Gold

My signature Arrow Band is something to get excited about! This timeless design is inspired by motifs found in ancient gold jewelry and it has a contemporary feel. If you are looking for a unique wedding band then search no further. Each band is created individually and will vary ever-so-slightly, ensuring that your ring is as unique as you are. 

  •  The 3mm Arrow Band is 1.3mm thick and was designed for comfort and durability.
  • The surface of the band features a slight dome or curve from center to edge and the width gently tapers from 3 to 2.75 millimeters.
  • Made from 100% SCS certified recycled gold
  • Available in white, rose, and yellow gold & in 14k or 18k
  • Select your choice of metal and ring size from the drop-down menus
  • Arrives in a paper ring box with velvety cushion